Frequently asked questions

What are your pronouns?


When did you know you were trans?


Are you married?

Yes, I’ve been married to my spouse ZZ Topz since 2018.

What are ZZ’s pronouns?


Did you know that I’m the UK ZZ’s name is ZedZed?

Yes… we’ve heard that one.

Where did you get the name Mercury Stardust?

I chose the name Mercury Stardust in 2014 as a tribute to both Freddie Mercury and David Bowie (Ziggy Stardust).

Do you have any pets?

I have two cats: Nitro and Apollo.

Where do you live?

Madison, Wisconsin.

Can I mail you something?

Maybe. Use the website's contact form and we’ll talk.

What do you use in your hair?


Are you a real maintenance technician?

Yes! I’ve been working in maintenance since 2007.

When did you join TikTok?

March 2021… it’s been wild.

Where did you learn your teaching style?

I've taught 120 burlesque students over the past seven years.


I’ve been performing burlesque for about 10 years.

What are your future plans for the Trans Handy Ma’am?

To take over the world.

How do you feel about Draino?


Where can I read more about where you came from?


Who is in charge of updating your website?

My best friend Matt. He’s the smartest, coolest, most awesome, beautiful, amazing person I know, and he definately didn't write this.

Do you have a Venmo?

Yes! @FiveStarTease

Do you have a linktree?

Even better! I have a merctree! https://www.MercuryStardust.com/merctree https://www.tiktok.com/link/v2?aid=1988&lang=en&scene=bio_url&target=https%3A%2F%2Flinktr.ee%2FMercuryStardust